About Us

We are a new company established in February 2019, it is a new venture established to promote and distribute ByBoraSugarPaste products across the markets of Ireland, Great Brittain, and Poland. It took minutes to make this decision after we have tried samples of ByBora sugar paste on projects completed by Anna Kowalik and Beata Mielcarek. We became exclusive distributors to these markets and are currently focusing on promotion. Despite less than 3 months on the market, we have reached many customers, numbers are growing rapidly and the most important thing for us that customers who bought it once are coming back with very good reviews and to purchase again.


“Elephant skin” effect
Cracks during work or on the finished project
Trouble with kneading
Dew effect after removing from the fridge or while working in higher level of humidity conditions
With colored hands or tools


 Less product usage thanks to flexibility and plasticity. 
Faster completion of work
Higher quality of the finished project ( no unwanted surprises like cracks etc. )
Satisfaction of both, yours and a customer
Less stress during work and after completion

What About Us

Our targets

We aim to make ByBoraSugarPaste brand to be recognized for top quality product and service. It is a long run project for us and we carefully building our retailers chain to make availability as easy as possible.

About product
It took 15 years to Mrs. Funda Akay to create a satisfying recipe for product tobe manufactured for customers worldwide. Mrs. Funda is a recognized and highly reputable cake designer. We have similar views on growth of the company on the solid foundations of quality of the product and customers service.ByBora Sugar Paste is very easy to work with for the beginners in sugarcraft and at the same time meets strict criteria of craft masters. It is gluten-free and halal certified.

Less time and stress makes work more efficient and satisfying. You are less tired even with very challenging projects along with the lower quantity required to complete your project.